Can you insure a 125 without CBT?

Can you insure a 125 without CBT?


Can you insure a 125 without CBT? It is one of the most asked questions relating to personal injury compensation claims. It isn't complicated – but it's not as clear-cut as some people make out. It is possible to insure a 125 cc scooter without CBT, however, you need to make sure that the scooter is a limited power machine.

In 2017, the ABI conducted a study to look at the proportion of motorbike insurance policies that were without collision damage waiver (CDW). The results showed that 18% of all motorbike policies still have CDW. When I saw these results, I was very surprised. It surprised me especially when I knew that it was possible to get insurance without CBT! Let me explain.

How much does it cost to insure a 125 without CBT?

The cost of insurance on a 125 without CBT is going to depend on what level of cover you require. There are two options available: third-party fire and theft (TPFT) or fully comprehensive.

TPFT covers third-party liabilities, but no damage to your bike, whereas fully comprehensive cover includes both third-party liability and damage to your bike. The main difference between the two is cost - TPFT is cheaper than fully comprehensive.

As a general rule, it's usually best to insure your bike with TPFT if it's worth less than £1,000. If it's worth more than £1,000, then it's probably worth insuring it with fully comprehensive cover instead.

A 125 is a small bike, so it's going to be cheap to insure. The average price of a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R insurance policy is £293 per year.

How to CBT depend on your age

As a learner rider, you'll have to take CBT and pass your test before you can ride without L plates.

If you're over 21, the cost of license fees, insurance, and taxes on your 125 will be slightly higher than for a 125cc bike.

If you're between 17 and 20 years old, the cost of insurance will be similar to that for a 125cc bike, but license fees are more expensive.

If you're aged under 17 years old, insurance premiums will be much higher because of your age and inexperience.

Can you insure a 125 without CBT if you have points?

If you have points on your license, the best way to avoid them being added on is by taking a CBT course and getting your motorbike license. This will allow you to legally ride a 125cc motorcycle without any points on your license.

If you don't want to take the CBT course, or can't afford it, then you may be able to insure your 125cc bike with a few points on your license.

Can I get insurance on a 125cc bike if I already have points?

If you already have points on your license, then it's unlikely that an insurer will let you insure a 125cc bike. However, some insurers offer policies with no questions asked - so if this is an option for you then it could be worth calling around until you find one. If not, then you're going to need to pay for the CBT course before applying for insurance - otherwise, your application will most likely be declined.

What happens if I'm caught riding without insurance?

The penalties for riding without insurance are serious - not only do they make it harder for yourself but also other road users because of the risk involved when riding without insurance cover.

CBT certificate

If you can't get a CBT certificate, then it's very likely that you will not be able to insure your motorcycle.

This is because insurers use the CBT certificate as a way of checking that you have the right experience and training to ride a motorbike safely on the road.

You'll also need to pass the theory test before you can take the practical exam. This is done at your local post office or test center and costs £31 each time. The questions are multiple-choice and are based on the Highway Code, which you should already know from driving lessons.

What is the best way to get cheap insurance on a 125 without CBT?

If you are looking to get cheap motorcycle insurance, it is best to get some quotes from different insurance companies and then find a policy that best suits your needs.

The average cost of motorcycle insurance in the UK is around £200 per year for a motorcycle with a 125cc engine. This will include third-party liability as well as any other optional extras such as theft cover and emergency medical expenses.

If you want to insure a larger bike or scooter, the price can go up considerably. The average price for a comprehensive policy on a 500cc bike is around £600 per year if you have no previous convictions or accidents on your record.

Bikes with larger engines tend to be more expensive because they are more powerful and therefore more likely to be involved in an accident or stolen than smaller bikes. Your age also plays its part - older riders are likely to pay more because they have been driving longer and therefore have more experience behind the wheel.


Overall, if you don't already have a motorcycle license, I'd advise getting your CBT first. Then you can get a provisional license and take a year practicing on your 125cc bike. That way, you'll be ready to take your test when you've finished your CBT course.

In the end, bikes like these can be ideal if you're a new driver. They're cheap to run and aren't as intimidating as their supersport equivalents. But if 125's aren't your thing, there are many other options available. Small sports bikes, 600cc road bikes, or even supermoto bikes like the Beta RR310 could suit you too.

Before you decide what your rate is you need to be aware of some insurance companies will offer discounts for certain things to get the premium price down. Find out by checking online what type of discounts you can qualify for and usually it will say available discounts on the quote. Just saying, these may include: good student discount, clean driving record, claim-free driver, etc. Many types of groups also offer cheaper rates for car insurance such as students, subscribers of British associations, trade organizations, families, and more.

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